SP Richards


MyAnalystPro™ is a business analytics program that aggregates data about your business, then translates it into actionable information you can use to improve pricing, profit margins and sales. MyAnalystPro™ is composed of three modules:


  • Mega Dealer stock number cross reference
  • Branded-to-Proprietary cross reference
  • Generate bids quickly by selecting and modifying pricing, margins and item numbers


  • Monitor overall margins/identify critical areas
  • Identify most/least profitable customers
  • Analyze customer usage to find more profitable product alternatives
  • Identify customer purchasing trends
  • Group customers into peer groups to identify sales opportunities
  • Compare your pricing against industry POS data


  • Independent dealer aggregated pricing of consumer purchase price points
  • Power channel Web-scraped pricing of online pricing benchmarks
  • Power channel aggregated commercial contract pricing
  • Federal government market intelligence tracks sales on GSA Advantage, DOD EMALL

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MyAnalystPro™ – a powerful analytics program that delivers the information you need to be more successful and profitable.